Prescience, Prudence

and Partnership

Working in partnership with our clients and investment managers to provide for a sustainable future.

An integrated approach

New Providence is an integrated investment office serving Endowments, Foundations, Individuals and select Families. We provide clients the advantages of: EXPERIENCE, INDEPENDENCE, FOCUS and ALIGNMENT OF INTERESTS.

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Investment services

We believe that strategic asset allocation combined with astute manager selection will produce the greatest investment results. Our mission is to preserve and enhance our clients’ financial capital by investing with those managers best suited to helping our clients achieve their long term goals.

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Seasoned, Innovative, Global Investors

The senior members of the New Providence investment team have on average, over 25 YEARS OF INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE. Our active partners own over 95% of the firm and are deeply committed to managing portfolios as well as client relationships.

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Latest News

International Series: The Base Case for India

November 2019

The investment opportunity in India is driven by some of the same social and economic transformations that have been taking place in China and Southeast Asia over the past several decades. India is particularly well positioned in Asia because of its very favorable demographic profile, longer potential runway of growth, stable and democratic political institutions and reasonably well-developed financial system. read more ❯


Our View

October 2019

Third quarter returns for equities and bonds were mostly positive (Table 1) and mark a continuation of the narrative that low and declining interest rates are good for both equity and bond markets. The past is not necessarily prologue, but year to date there has been a bull market in optimism. For example, the S&P 500 has appreciated over 20%, while S&P 500 earnings have grown only 1.5%, the difference, of course, is an expansion in valuation multiples. Earnings will need to accelerate, or investors may grow concerned that stock prices are ahead of fundamentals, and this may be a tall order with global growth slowing and wage pressure rising. read more ❯

Unncessary Evils

Summer 2019

Basic Test. New Providence is led by experienced professionals who view investment counseling as a profession, not a business, and are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work. Such work centers on the shaping and ongoing refinement of both comprehensive and specialized investment programs for a select group of wealthy families and endowed charities. Given the US-centric bias of portfolios stewarded by many recipients of this essay — a bias at odds with the very full current pricing of assets flattered by it — the time is ripe for such principals to undertake a thorough review of their investment policies and practices. read more ❯