Prescience, Prudence

and Partnership

Working in partnership with our clients and investment managers to provide for a sustainable future.

An integrated approach

New Providence is an integrated investment office serving Endowments, Foundations, Individuals and select Families. We provide clients the advantages of: EXPERIENCE, INDEPENDENCE, FOCUS and ALIGNMENT OF INTERESTS.

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Investment services

We believe that strategic asset allocation combined with astute manager selection will produce the greatest investment results. Our mission is to preserve and enhance our clients’ financial capital by investing with those managers best suited to helping our clients achieve their long term goals.

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Seasoned, Innovative, Global Investors

The senior members of the New Providence investment team have on average, over 25 YEARS OF INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE. Our active partners own over 95% of the firm and are deeply committed to managing portfolios as well as client relationships.

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Latest News

International Series - New Providence International Investment Strategy

January 2021

At New Providence, we use a variety of investment strategies to build comprehensive portfolios for our clients. We believe that strategic asset allocation combined with astute manager selection produces the greatest investment results. With respect to international markets, we have a number of principles that guide our manager selection and portfolio construction methodology. This paper outlines the key aspects of our international investment strategy. read more ❯

Our View

January 2021

If one had spent 2020 in a news vacuum, tuning in to review equity market performance only at the conclusion of the year (Table 1), one may have assumed a good and perhaps uneventful year, although nothing could have been further from reality. 2020 was indeed unforgettable, the global coronavirus pandemic radically interrupted and influenced how the world lives, works, communicates, and interacts. read more ❯

International Series - Investing Internationally in the Coronavirus Era

October 2020

The Coronavirus crisis will eventually subside and the world will return to normalcy. How should American investors allocate capital overseas in anticipation of the post-crisis era? Our international investment universe is split between countries that managed the health crisis effectively and followed conservative financial policies, and others that suffered major disruptions to their economies and were forced to cast aside financial orthodoxy. The former are mostly in developing Asia; the latter are mostly in the developed world. read more ❯