Prescience, Prudence

and Partnership

Working in partnership with our clients and investment managers to provide for a sustainable future.

An integrated approach

New Providence is an integrated investment office serving Endowments, Foundations, Individuals and select Families. We provide clients the advantages of: EXPERIENCE, INDEPENDENCE, FOCUS and ALIGNMENT OF INTERESTS.

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Investment services

We believe that strategic asset allocation combined with astute manager selection will produce the greatest investment results. Our mission is to preserve and enhance our clients’ financial capital by investing with those managers best suited to helping our clients achieve their long term goals.

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Seasoned, Innovative, Global Investors

The senior members of the New Providence investment team have on average, over 25 YEARS OF INVESTMENT EXPERIENCE. Our active partners own over 95% of the firm and are deeply committed to managing portfolios as well as client relationships.

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Latest News

Capital Ideas - Pivoting Away from Traditional Fixed Income

August 2020

U.S. fixed income has been a reliable diversifying asset since the early 1980’s when the Federal Funds Target Rate reached 20% to combat rising inflation. Now, forty years later, fixed income yields are at a generational low and will not provide investors the return and diversifying benefits previously enjoyed. The immediate implication is that the commonly utilized 70/30 or 60/40 portfolio construct has substantially more risk than it has had in decades. read more ❯

Capital Ideas - Redefining Growth and Value Investing

July 2020

Investors of capital in 2020 must proactively confront and respond to the rapid convergence of technological innovation and disruption, and its impact on the reliability of historical investment tools, assumptions and lenses employed. A recalibration of core aspects of an effective investment management approach includes redefining the essential elements of “growth” and “value”. In addition, the value of future earnings and cash flow are fundamentally impacted by interest rates and inflation which are at the lowest read more ❯


Our View

July 2020

Global equity markets rebounded strongly in the second quarter from late March market lows (Chart 1), exceeding many investor expectations that were acutely focused on frightful economic data and the continuing health crisis. Unprecedented global liquidity in the form of monetary and fiscal programs, improving economic data, and historically low interest rates, have led investors to the conclusion that equities are the only option for compounding long-term capital. read more ❯