At a Glance

Since 2003, New Providence has provided integrated investment office solutions for Endowments, Foundations, Individuals and select Families.

Our Firm

New Providence provides its clients with four critical advantages:


Having served as CIOs of large pools of capital, the principals at New Providence have the experience and stability to manage client portfolios through numerous market cycles. The senior members of the New Providence investment team are seasoned professionals with on average, over 25 years of investment experience.


New Providence has no affiliation with any investment manager enabling us to access best-in-class managers and provide objective advice to our clients without any conflict of interest.


New Providence is a boutique OCIO investment firm that focuses solely on achieving superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We have no other business endeavor beyond the stewardship of our clients’ assets.


New Providence principals have significant personal capital invested alongside our clients, in the same managers and on the same terms, which ensures a complete alignment of interest. Further, the firm’s active partners own over 95% of New Providence and are committed to a full and transparent relationship with our clients.

Investment Philosophy

New Providence’s mission is to PRESERVE and ENHANCE our clients’ financial capital by investing with those managers best suited to helping our clients achieve their long term goals. We seek to achieve this by meaningful participation in up markets while still protecting capital in difficult markets. We adhere to the following principles when investing client capital: